The Basadi Pele Foundation firmly believes that skills are the road to job creation in South Africa.

Utilizing the maxim of a very wise man “that one man one job” is the most important requisite for a developing country; Basadi Pele unlocks the latent potential and skills of communities.

Close to 5000 women have discovered their own ability and the miracle of self-sustainability within this space.

About Us:

Strategic planning  Basadi Pele Foundation

Basadi Pele Foundation (BPF) was established on 8 February 1993. 17 women across all political, cultural, social, racial and religious barriers identified with the needs of…


Sewing training at Basadi Pele Foundation sponsored by NLDTF (2)

Training provided in the following skills: Sewing Department: Domestic sewing, design, manufacturing of school wear, curtain making, making of soft toys and patchwork…


Sewing Training at Basadi Pele Foundation sponsored by NLDTF

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900 400 hours of skills transfer has produced the most unimaginable tools of self-management and self-deployment for women with little education, no money yet a burning desire to make a difference in communities.

In partnership with our generous sponsors, corporate and private, Basadi Pele imparts the gift of self-sustainability.

Self- sustainability obliterates poverty, low self-esteem, crime and indifference. It unleashes entrepreneurial skills, authentic potential and increases the awareness of “I am because we are”.

The gift of self-management and sustainability is the only lasting gift with the magnitude for empowered change.

Self-sustainability is the hallmark of a wise and responsible mature nation.

Our very existence depends on it.